Are America’s Students Given A Fair Opportunity To Thrive In Today’s Modern World?

Lack of Funding & Resources:

Since the Great Recession, budgets on all levels of government have been cut in order to direct funds towards saving and then fixing the economy, and with all the money the federal government has spent on coronavirus relief in 2020, we are looking to continue this trend even further in the coming years.

A Major Economic Shift:

Over the last 20 years, the global economy has undergone major changes, which has opened up a new array of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math related fields. As the global economy continues to shift into an age dominated by technology and its expansion, it is up to the public education system to evolve alongside it in order to give American kids the opportunity to thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

Modern Teaching Practices for a Modern Economy:

Too many American students perceive STEM subjects as “dull” and “boring,” which can be largely attributed to the way that they are being taught in school.

  • For high school students: Embark on solving problems within their own communities. Example problems that students could tackle include testing local watersheds, monitoring the migration of local animals, identifying areas in their school’s auditorium where sound may be lost, or analyzing hot and cold spots in a building. Tackling problems like these would allow students to put their knowledge of a subject and transferable skills to use in a way that is productive to their community.

How to Increase Educational Opportunities:

As America’s education system continues to fall behind other developed countries, it is time that more educational opportunities are created to help all American students receive a first-class education built towards preparing them for the future. A focus on STEM education and an overall improvement in educational quality is something that needs to be done in curricula around the country, but too many school districts have been drained of the funding and resources they need to properly educate their students.

To Conclude:

It is time to remind American lawmakers that the future of this country rests within its youth. As America’s education system continues to fall in the ranks of global counterparts, we as a nation are failing the prepare our future generations for success in the modern workplace.



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Andrew Gallois

Andrew Gallois

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